Aljoša Ježek, born in 1989 is a graphic designer, photographer, web designer and also video and music producer. He was studying graphic design in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Over the course of years he has collaborated with various companies and has done many advertising and promotional materials, web designs, portfolios, catalogues, posters, graphical product descriptions, brandings, corporate visual identities, product studio shoots, photo editing, product design digitalization and digital pattern making.

In the last years, he was working for a lingerie brand Aima Dora from Mauritius, where he was shooting the new collection, edited and prepared product images, including promotional material like lookbook, catalogue and even the swimwear pattern designs for textile printing. He has also done a website for NLM Group Ltd lingerie factories from Madagascar and Mauritius, their portfolio and various presentation designs.

He is currently working and cooperating with numerous clients around the world.